Leather Weekender Bags

Leather Weekender Bags Built for Memories & Adventures

Our leather weekender bags are designed for those weekend trips away we all look forward to. Whether it's a romantic getaway to a luxurious log cabin, or a wilderness weekend with the guys, our weekend bags are made to keep up. We believe deeply in creating leather goods that are built to last. Our men's leather weekend bags are no different. They are designed to take a real beating and come back looking better than ever.

Our weekender leather bags come in a range of sizes. We typically assess these based on the volume they can hold. Sizes start from the small men's leather overnight bag that can hold around 30 litres. Then they go all the way up to the week long bags that can hold up to 60 litres. We usually recommend something in the middle for a leather weekender bag for men. You are looking for something that can hold a whole bunch of clothes, devices and shoes. But you still want to give off that minimalist look. There's nothing quite like the rugged guy that can fit all the gear they need into a leather duffle bag.

When choosing a leather bag, it is so important that you get the type of leather correct. For most, they are looking for a bag that will last a lifetime. So you need to choose a leather that is designed for that purpose. Faux or PU leather is not designed to last. These fake leathers are designed to look ok for a few months, but nothing past that. That's why all of our leather travel bags are designed with only full grain leather or top grain leather. That means we use only the very top layer of the hide when handmaking our goods. The very top layer of the hide is the most durable and long lasting. It is not uncommon for a full or top grain leather bag to outlive it's owner. Full grain leather allows no chemical processes for maximum durability. As no processes are permitted, you'll find each one is totally unique as it carries all the blemishes and imperfections that the hide had. Some customers like this, some do not. That's why we make top grain leather goods also available. These have processes applied to buff out marks, at the cost of a small amount of durability.

Our leather weekend bags for women and men can also carry laptop computers. Some are specially designed to hold laptops on the undercarriage of the bag. This means dirty clothes or shoes in the main interior pockets won't touch valuable devices, but you can still slip out your computer or tablet when needed. Also be on the lookout for leather duffel bags that have separate zipper pocket as a shoe compartment. These are great if you are expecting to get a little dirty outside. Note that natural leather is not 100% water resistant, so be mindful of this when putting wet clothes inside.

Why stop at just weekend bags? At The Real Leather Company, we also stock a range of leather messengers, satchels and briefcases that are great for work. You'll show off your classic style on the weekend and in the office.

We also have a range of leather accessories that will complement your weekend adventures. A leather wallet is the staple of a classic man. Our leather journals let you recall notes you made when our in the wilderness - often a place we find you can have the most profound thoughts. We also have a range of leather toiletry bags - something every man needs for a weekend away.

If you really want your leather bag to last a lifetime, it's important you care for it properly. As with any natural material, it can wear if not looked after. We recommend a range of leather conditioners and cream to keep the fibers in good shape.

Our leather weekender bags are built for adventure. Don't miss out on yours.